Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Caught In Barbie's Room

Had nowhere to go cause I was being held hostage in Barbies room today. Does that make me Ken?
Ha, I'm sporting a pair of baby blue girl jeans from Roxy, if I didn't tell you guys, you probably
would've never known!! ;) topped with a DIY tang top tee which I also hand painted on an old
white Hanes V-Neck from Target with a cat design myself today.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Getty Museum, LA

Today Prince and I headed on the 405 Freeway and ventured off to the
Getty Museum in Los Angeles. In the midst of all the art at this museum
we decided to snap a few photos of our outfit choises for the day and
were on the lookout for someone fashionably correct to include in our
first blog :)

"I'm wearing a self-ripped shirt with a leopard print spagetti strap underneath.
I'm also wearing some self-studded shorts with vertically striped tights that my
grandmother got me and some leather wedges that my mom's husband got me for
my birthday. Check out my awesome handcuff necklace and my H&M fringe
leather bag! ;)"

"Today if someone were to ask me what my outfit were going for, I'd have to say that my
biggest influence on my decision was the heat today. I wanted to dress in colors more on the
lighter side of the colorwheel. With a tan shoe, pant, and vest I decided to accompany it with
a second black pyramid studded vest that I studded myself two or three weeks prior to todays'
outfit. Originally I wore my khaki Bullhead Pant down but wore long black socks with my
beige Hush Puppies just in case I wanted to pull up my jeans if it ended up being too hot out."

"While roaming the Getty we ran into a well-dressed couple from Switzerland!
Sure the guy on the right is dressed decent but what really attracted us to this
couple was what the lady on the left is wearing. A black flowy dress with floral
patterns and a sweet vintage gold ring as her only accessory for her left hand!
Check out a close up on her dress pattern and vintage ring below ;)"